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When you choose to locate or expand here, the Industrial Development Board will help you find a suitable site and help you evaluate the tax incentives we may be able to offer. The IDB manages PILOT projects (payment in lieu of taxes)—a important tax incentive for companies to locate in Hickman County as well as TIF projects (tax increment financing) that helps developers add value to an area.

Our Working Relationships

The IDB works with highly-qualified economic developers as well as with other groups including the Chamber of Commerce, the Hickman County Economic and Community Development Association, Planning Commission, and the county's legislative body. The Board maintains a close working relationship with similar officials in Humphreys, Dickson, Williamson, and Maury Counties.

Interstate Friendly: Two Interstates; Four Exits

The Western Corridor to Metro Nashville

Hickman County is located in the middle of major manufacturing and industrial cities with easy access to all.

thumb radiusWith two Interstate systems passing through Hickman County, we're ready with quality access to the Interstate system. 

All You Need: Close Enough

Industrial Development Board, Hickman County, TNHickman County is about 40 miles southwest of Nashville, Music City USA. 

For many, the quality of life here excels. We're close enough to Nashville for quick trips or transportation to and from related industries. Most of the time, we have all you need for a good life and for a healthy business. When you need more, Nashville is close enough.


Planned Growth Areas

Hickman County has county-wide zoning to help enable orderly, efficient growth in the area. The growth areas planned for the county are shown on the map below.

thumb development plan mapThe green area shows the area commonly referred to as "East Hickman," an unincorporated area with the highest growth rate in the county.

Growth in Hickman County

thumb HouseholdTrendsThe northeastern portion of Hickman County is within easy commuting distance to metro Nashville, and it is the most rapidly growing area of the county. Within 3 miles of Centerville, near the county's center, growth is relatively flat, and the percentage of households is substantially less than within the 15-mile radius. The last 5 miles of the 15-mile radius shows more than a doubling of the number of households.


Business Advantages

Major Manufacturers in Hickman County

FirmProduct or ServiceTotal Employees
Accurate Energetic Systems Explosives 110
Agrana Fruit US, Inc. Fruit Processing 87
Clark Container (Lyles) Plastic Packaging< 52
ECI Defense Group Government Distribution Center 20
Fabrication Specialties Corp. Skids & Wood Pallets 32
Freeman Wood Products Specialty Pallets 26
Sole Supports (Lyles) Customer Orthotics 95
Custom Manufacturing Solutions Healthy food products 40
T-Rex Arms Holsters and firearms accessories 38

Quick Facts About Hickman County Businesses

Business Distribution in Hickman County The charts and table below show the distribution of businesses in Hickman County, Tennessee.

The Tax Advantage

No Income Tax

Tennessee does not have a state income tax.

Sales Tax

The state sales tax is 7% for companies or people that distribute, sell, manufacture, or distribute tangible property. Hickman County adds a sales tax of 2.75%.

Sales tax is not levied on

  • Raw material for processing
  • Purchases, installation and repairs of qualified industrial machinery.
  • Machinery and equipment used for the production of electricity using clean energy technology
  • Material handling systems for qualified warehouse and distribution facilities purchased during a three-year investment period.
  • Certified pollution control equipment for manufacturers
  • Qualified industrial supplies
  • Computer equipment, peripheral devices and software purchased for a qualified data center with an investment of $250 million 
  • Containers, packaging and wrapping materials.
  • Items purchased for resale

There is reduced sales tax rates for manufacturers' use of energy fuel and water (1.5% vs. 7%), and additional exemptions or credits may be available.

A Capable Workforce

Retail Opportunity

Retail Leakage

Doing Business in Hickman County

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Don Casto

Treasurer - 5th District Member

4393 Cedar Street

Centerville, TN 37033

t: 931-729-0266

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This position represents the 5th District of Hickman County. Don Casto was appointed in 2014; the six-year term expires 6/30/2020; not eligible for new term.

Jimmy Cline

Member - At Large

8271 N. Lick Creek Rd.

Lyles, TN 37098

t: 615-218-3118

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Current term extends through 6/30/2022. Not eligible for reappointment.