All You Need: Close Enough

Industrial Development Board, Hickman County, TNHickman County is about 40 miles southwest of Nashville, Music City USA. 

For many, the quality of life here excels. We're close enough to Nashville for quick trips or transportation to and from related industries. Most of the time, we have all you need for a good life and for a healthy business. When you need more, Nashville is close enough.

The county has a rich heritage that has produced many notable musicians and other artists including Minnie Pearl. Hickman County literally lies in the backyard of Nashville.

The logo shows the skyline of Nashville from a distance with the normal, bluish haze of Summer. The arc connects the green of the beautiful Hickman County to downtown Nashville.


Connections to Music City

If Nashville is Music City then Centerville is Grinders Switch, home of Minnie Pearl. Sarah Colley Ophelia Cannon was just one of many entertainers who made their way to Nashville and became legends in Music City. The connections live on through local history and on-going events like the Grinders Switch Hour, a weekly, live radio program from the Chamber of Commerce office in Centerville.

Music Trails of Hickman County

Through the Hickman County Public Library, the staff there and other involved citizens  produced a video of the musical heritage of Hickman County that features many of the well-known musicians who started here.

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