Planned Growth Areas

Hickman County has county-wide zoning to help enable orderly, efficient growth in the area. The growth areas planned for the county are shown on the map below.

thumb development plan mapThe green area shows the area commonly referred to as "East Hickman," an unincorporated area with the highest growth rate in the county.

development plan mapEast Hickman is divided into four quadrants by the intersection of highways 100 and 46/7.

  • Highway 46 from Interstate 40 to Highway 100. Most of the retail development is occurring along Highway 46 that connects to Interstate 40 in Dickson. This is the Bon Aqua community
  • Highway 100 to Interstate 840. A high rate of growth is expected along Highway 100 from the county line southward as it intersects with Interstate 840 along the northeast corner of the county. 
  • Highway 7 to Columbia from the Highway 100 & 46 intersection. The East Hickman High School is a community anchor along this route. Manufacturers along this route include Sole Supports and ECI Defense Group.
  • Highway 100 to Highway 46 & 7. This corridor is a main travel route for commuters from the heart of Hickman County. It passes through the Wrigley and Lyles communities.

County Seat

Centerville is the county seat located near the center of the county--the area shown in light yellow on the map.

Centerville occurs at the intersections of Highway 100, 50, and 48. The town maintains prime industrial land for companies that do not have to be adjacent to the Interstate Highway system, although it is only about 15 miles to Interstate 40 along Highway 50, a relatively new highway capable of supporting significant truck traffic.

Rural Communities

Several rural communities support small retail trade centers. These include areas 

  • North of Centerville: Pinewood & Nunnelly
  • East of Centerville: Little Lot and Shady Grove (Duck River Post Office)
  • South of Centerville: (not shown on map) Pleasantville at the southwest corner along Highway 100
  • West of Centerville: Bucksnort, Only, and Coble. 

Emergency Services

Emergency services are critical for growth in both industrial and retail business areas. Accordingly, the county has the following emergency services available.

  • Volunteer Fire Departments. Teams of trained, volunteer fire fighters are located in Pinewood, Shady Grove, East Hickman, and Pleasantville.
  • Hickman County Emergency Management. The Hickman County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for the management of all emergency preparedness program areas within the county.  
  • Ambulance Services. Located with other emergency management services, a fleet of ambulances with well-trained staff provide services to the county.
  • Saint Thomas Hickman Hospital. This local hospital is a critcal care facility, the first hospital in Tennessee to receive this certification.

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